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Third Annual NeuroGaming Conference & Expo Returns to San Francisco May 6-7

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.;   February 24, 2015 – The Neurotechnology Industry Organization (NIO), the leading neuroscience trade association, today formally announced that its third annual NeuroGaming Conference and Expo will be held in San Francisco on May 6-7, 2015. The NeuroGaming Conference focuses on the convergence of mind and body with game play; engaging the full nervous system into the gaming experience for the purposes of entertainment, education, health and wellness.

Sold out the previous two years, the NeuroGaming Conference continues to expand the topics covered and ways to explore neurogaming. The two-day main conference brings together 60 CEOs, executives and experts speaking across twelve panels to share best practices, showcase new products and ideas, inspire each other and build new networks to help accelerate this rapidly emerging gaming sector. This year the Entertainment Software and Cognitive Neurotherapeutics Society (ESCoNS) pre-conference Research Summit will precede the main conference on May 5 th, bringing together some of the world’s leading neuroscientists and game developers to delve into neurosoftware development to treat brain disorders. A neurogaming hackathon that fosters development using the latest neurogaming technologies returns for its second year. Registration is now open at .

“Convergence is a major theme at this year’s conference and expo as new virtual reality and augmented reality platforms are becoming linked to next generation gesture control, eye tracking, neurosensing and neurosignaling technologies,” said Zack Lynch, conference chair, author and neurotech visionary. “Another important theme this year revolves around getting a deeper view into the research pipeline. Not only are we bringing together CEOs of today’s emerging leading companies, but we have teamed up with ESCoNS to highlight over 50 new research projects in the neurogaming arena, which will be highlighted at the show.”

This year’s line-up of expert talks and panels will explore a range of topics, includingSensory Gaming Technologies and the Evolving InterfaceCognitive Gaming Platforms,Deep Learnin g , Virtual and Augmented Reality, Wearable Data Security, and App Efficacy Standards. Speakers will include:

  • Adam Grazzaley, Director, Neuroscape Lab – UCSF on NeuroGaming: a vision of the future
  • Philip Rosedale, CEO, High Fidelity & Founder, Second Life on the future of the MetaVerse
  • RJ Mical, Director of Games, Google on Deep Learning, AI & cognitive computing
  • Shiraz Akmal, Head of Production, DreamWorks DreamLab on entertainment convergence
  • Amy Kruse, VP of Innovation, Intific, on accelerated learning with neurogaming
  • Jason Sibley, Partner, GE Ventures on investing in neurogaming

Neurogaming companies are integrating new inputs like player heart rate, brain waves, pupil dilation, hand and body gestures, and changing emotional state to drive rich game play. Neurogaming is ideally suited to take advantage of output technologies such as virtual reality, neurosensing, motion and gesture control, augmented reality, haptics, eye tracking, and facial recognition to make entirely new gaming experiences possible. More than 40 companies will have their technology on display in the conference expo including: PeakAkili InteractiveMetaNeuroelecticsiMotionsGE VenturesOntario Brain InstituteQneuroLuminosityPear TherapeuticsAdvanced Brain Monitoring,Thalmic LabsMuseIntificDAQRI and many more.

Co-hosted by NeuroInsights, the neurotech market authority; the NeuroGaming Conference will take place on May 6-7 at City View at Metreon, located at 135 Fourth Street, San Francisco. A neurogaming hackathon is scheduled for the weekend prior to the main conference on May 2-3 in San Francisco, with up to $50,000 in prizes available for winning. The ESCoNS preconference research summit will take place on May 5 at the same location at City View at Metreon.  For more information please

About the Neurotechnology Industry Organization

The Neurotechnology Industry Organization is the trade association that represents companies involved in neuroscience including software, drugs, devices, and diagnostics, brain research institutes, and patient advocacy groups across the world. Since NIO’s founding in 2006, over 100 organizations have joined NIO to “give the brain a voice.”  For more information, please visit .

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