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Pear Therapeutics is committed to pioneering the use of prescription digital therapeutics for the treatment of serious diseases. To support this effort, Pear has established a scientific steering committee (SSC) to consider unsolicited research proposals by members of the medical and scientific community for research support. Research proposals will be reviewed by scientific and medical staff at Pear. Support decisions will be based upon scientific rigor, potential impact, alignment with long-term strategic goals, and resource availability.

Pear hopes to partner with and potentially support forward-thinking leaders in the research community as our prescription digital therapeutic platform evolves. Pear will consider investigator-initiated study proposals that are independently generated and submitted and that request only commercial product, data access, or modest financial support. Both collaborative research, in which the investigator partners with Pear in a research effort, or investigator-initiated studies, in which the study design and execution are solely within the purview of the requesting investigator, will be considered. To discuss a research proposal, please contact your Medical Science Liaison (MSL). If you do not have an MSL contact at Pear, please reach out to with questions or to initially discuss the research idea prior to engaging with the submission process. Pear cannot guarantee support of investigator-initiated or collaborative research proposals.

Pear Therapeutics values the diverse perspective that the research community can offer and will consider all research proposals. Pear has established the following strategic focus areas to guide investigators:

  • Durability of treatment response (eg, outcomes assessed 6 to 12 months after implementation)
  • Implementation in populations with unmet need (eg, use in patients who are homeless or among patients of color)
  • Expansion of treatment access (eg, novel ways to facilitate patient onboarding)
  • Other innovative studies focused on utilizing Pear commercially available products (without modification) to address novel populations or to address outstanding questions which may be answered through rigorous research efforts

Research proposals should be submitted through the Apply for Pear Therapeutics Support link. Prior to initiating a submission, please read the Research Proposal Submission guide to ensure that all necessary materials are included. You will receive an email response following successful submission. The SSC will review complete submissions. If more information is needed, a request will be made by a Pear representative.

Please do not consider any request approved until you have received written documentation from Pear that your application has been approved for funding, including all of the required paperwork. Any expenses incurred prior to receiving written support of the program by Pear are taken at your own risk.

Each request submitted is evaluated on individual merit, and previous support by Pear does NOT guarantee future support. If you have any questions regarding the status of your request, please contact your MSL or contact

Please be aware that Pear receives more requests than can be funded, and we regret that we cannot accommodate every request. However, your submission will receive fair and thorough review. In return, please take time to consider how your program fits within the therapeutic areas of interest for Pear and the established regulations, laws, and guidelines before submitting a request.