Pear Therapeutics

Product Pipeline

Product Name or
Candidate #
Therapeutic Area/Indication Development Stage Content Partner
Psychiatry Label
Discovery Proof of Concept Pivotal Commercial
reSET Logo Substance use disorder
Dartmouth Logo
reSET-O Logo Opioid use disorder
Dartmouth Logo
Somryst Logo Chronic insomnia
University of Virginia Logo
Pear-009 Alcohol use disorder
Pear-004 Schizophrenia
Pear-011 Anxiety (GAD)
Pear-015 Depression (MDD)
Pear-017 Bipolar
Pear-005 Posttraumatic stress disorder
USC Logo
Neurology Label
Pear-010 Acute and chronic pain
Firsthand Technology Logo
Pear-014 Migraine
Cincinnati Children's Logo
Pear-006 Multiple sclerosis
Pear-013 Epilepsy
Other Label
Pear-012 Irritable bowel syndrome
Karolinska Logo
Pear-018 Specialty gastroenterology
Ironwood Logo
Pear-016 Oncology
Apricity Logo
Pear-019 Cardiovascular

Abbreviations: GAD, generalized anxiety disorder; MDD, major depressive disorder.

*Dartmouth transaction is with a researcher employed by Dartmouth. Pear has
no direct contractual relationship with Dartmouth relating to this content.
Karolinska transaction is with individual researchers who are employed by the
Karolinska Institute. Pear has no direct contractual relationship with the
Karolinkska Institute relating to this content.
Services agreement with Ironwood to evaluate a PDT in gastrointestinal diseases.