Introducing the first prescription digital therapeutic for the treatment of patients with substance use disorder (SUD)

reSETTM for Substance Use Disorder

Pear Therapeutics has developed reSET®, a prescription digital therapeutic to be used in conjunction with standard outpatient treatment for substance use disorder (SUD)


Patient-Facing Smartphone Application


Clinician-Facing Web Interface

reSETTM as a Prescription Digital Therapeutic for Treating Substance Use Disorder

reSET® has been proven to increase abstinence from a patient’s substances of abuse during treatment and increase patient retention in treatment when used as part of an outpatient treatment program

  • reSET® was evaluated in a clinical trial of 507 patients with SUD across 10 treatment centers nation-wide over 12 weeks.*
  • Patients were randomized to either a standard treatment as usual (TAU), which consisted of intensive face-to-face counseling, or to a reduced amount of face-to-face counseling plus reSET®.*


  • Abstinence was measured twice weekly via urine analysis, breathalyzer, and self-reports.
  • In patients who were dependent on stimulants, marijuana, cocaine, or alcohol (n=395), 58.1% of patients receiving reSET®* were abstinent in study weeks 9-12, while 29.8% of patients receiving face-to-face therapy alone were abstinent during the same time frame (p<0.01).
  • Participants who tested positive for drug use at the start of the study (n=191), 26.7% of patients receiving reSET®* were abstinent in study weeks 9-12, while 3.2% of patients receiving traditional face-to-face therapy were abstinent during the same time frame (p<0.01).

All Patients

All Patients Retention final

Patients Non-Abstinent at Baseline

Patients Non-Abstinent at Baseline


  • Patients receiving reSET® showed statistically significant improvement in retention compared to face-to-face therapy alone (p=0.0316). At the end of 12 weeks of treatment 59% of patients receiving face-to-face therapy were retained in the study compared to 67% of patients receiving reSET®.


  • User engagement was measured in the pivotal study by comparing the average number of reSET® modules completed each week between patients abstinent and non-abstinent throughout the 12-week study.
  • Results show how all patients remain engaged throughout the study, and interestingly, the patients that were abstinent completed more modules per week.

Modules Completed per Week


Time Spent on Modules


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reSETTM is not yet available in the United States

* Therapeutic Education System (TES), which has equivalent content to reSET®, was tested. Please see labeling for study details.