The first prescription digital therapeutic designed to treat opioid use disorder (OUD)


Medication Plus Patient-Facing Smartphone Application and Clinician-Facing Web Interface

reSET-O™ as a Prescription Digital Therapeutic for Treating Opioid Use Disorder

Clinical trials for reSET-O™ have demonstrated improved abstinence and increased program retention when used in combination with with opioid replacement therapies

  • Three separate randomized clinical trials with a total of 465 patients completing outpatient buprenorphine or methadone maintenance treatment for opiate dependence received standard face-to-face treatment or reduced standard treatment with reSET-O™ 1,2.
  • Abstinence was measured by urine analysis and self-reporting.
  • Patients received either the current standard of care or reSET-O™ with limited clinician exposure.
  • reSET-O™ plus pharmacotherapy enhanced abstinence, reduced drop-outs, and reduced required clinician intervention.
1.  Marsch et al. J Substance Abuse Treatment. 2014.
2.   Bickel et al. Exp Clin Psychopharmacol. 2008.
Percent of Tested Weeks of Opioid Abstinence
Mean Weeks of Continuous Opioid Abstinence
Mean Weeks of Continuous Opioid Abstinence and Average Time Spent with Therapist

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reSET-O™ is not yet available in the United States

* Therapeutic Education System (TES), which has equivalent content to reSET-O, was tested. Please see labeling for study details.