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Pear Therapeutics to Present Data on reSET®, for the Treatment of Substance Use Disorder, and Pear-004, for the Treatment of Schizophrenia, at American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting

Boston and San Francisco, May 18, 2019 – Pear Therapeutics, Inc., the leader in prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs), today announced poster and oral presentations for the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting May 18-22 in San Francisco. The presentations will include clinical trial data for reSET, for the treatment of Substance Use Disorder, and Pear-004, for the treatment of Schizophrenia.

“Prescription digital therapeutics are a novel treatment class in healthcare that represent a shift in how we treat serious disease, delivering efficacy for enhanced outcomes as part of standard of care while simultaneously empowering people to access care as they need it,” said Yuri Maricich, M.D., M.B.A., Chief Medical Officer at Pear Therapeutics. “While prescription digital therapeutics deliver scientific mechanisms of action and undergo rigorous testing via randomized clinical trials and review by regulatory bodies such as the FDA, there is a need to educate healthcare providers and patients on the difference between PDTs and unregulated health and wellness apps.”

Dr. Maricich will deliver a podium presentation titled, “Prescription Digital Therapeutics: A New Addition to Standard of Care,” on Monday, May 20 at 12:00 p.m. PT. The session will include presentations and a panel discussion featuring:

John Santopietro, M.D., DFAPA, Senior Vice President, Hartford HealthCare; Physician–In–Chief, Behavioral Health Network; Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine; Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, University of Connecticut School of Medicine
Tim Campellone, Ph.D., Clinical Director, Schizophrenia, Pear Therapeutics
Frances Thorndike, Ph.D.,
Global Clinical Lead, Insomnia, Pear Therapeutics
Ken Weingardt, Ph.D.,
Clinical Director, Multiple Sclerosis, Pear Therapeutics

In addition, Pear will present two scientific posters:

Early Prediction of High-Risk Patients Is an Opportunity for Early Intervention (poster number P6-010)will be featured Monday, May 20 from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. PT. The poster highlights data demonstrating the ability to predict with 70% accuracy whether people are likely to complete treatment with reSET based on engagement data from the first week of treatment, providing the potential to better identify and treat high-risk patients.

Agile Development of Pear-004, a Prescription Digital Therapeutic for Patients With Schizophrenia(poster number P7-029) will be featured Tuesday, May 21 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. PT. The poster highlights the iterative nature of PDT development, often involving extensive clinician and patient feedback, and multiple product iterations to enhance engagement, dosing, and efficacy. Pear-004 is currently in a phase 2 proof-of-concept studyin collaboration with Novartis.

Pear Therapeutics is a privately held, prescription digital therapeutics company developing clinically validated, FDA-authorized software applications to treat serious disease.

About Pear Therapeutics
Pear Therapeutics is the leader in prescription digital therapeutics. We aim to redefine medicine by discovering, developing, and delivering clinically validated software-based therapeutics to provide better outcomes for patients, smarter engagement and tracking tools for clinicians, and cost-effective solutions for payers. Pear has a pipeline of products and product candidates across therapeutic areas, including severe psychiatric and neurological conditions. Our lead product, reSET®, treats Substance Use Disorder and was the first prescription digital therapeutic to receive marketing authorization from the FDA to treat disease. Pear’s second product, reSET-O®, for the treatment of Opioid Use Disorder, received marketing authorization from the FDA in December 2018. For more information, visit us at


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