Pear Therapeutics (US)

Erin Brenner

Erin Brenner joined Pear Therapeutics in 2018 as part of the creation of the Portfolio Management team. Prior to Pear, she was at GE Healthcare, where she held positions of increasing responsibility in Product Management, Program Management, Software Development, and Product Operations.

While completing a GE leadership program in late 2013, Erin took an international assignment in France, where she led the large multi-functional team in the design, development, manufacturing set-up, and launch of the new Senographe Pristina™ mammography system, including the world’s first patient-assisted compression device, Pristina Dueta™. She moved back to the U.S. at the end of 2016, and led the mission-based team responsible for adoption of Pristina in the US. Erin was awarded the Edison Women in Technology award in 2017 by the Chairman of GE.

Erin started her career in software consulting and software product development in the Financial Services industry. She earned her BA in History from Middlebury College.