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Introducing the eFormulation Platform



Existing medicinal products with demonstrated benefit


Digital application designed to address a specific medical condition


Medication and software combined for synergistic clinical effects

eFormulations: Bridging the Gap Between Clinical and Home Care

Patient receives a prescription for a Pear eFormulation including both a medication and a software access code.
Patient uses access code to enter the Pear Portal, which provides therapeutic software that compliments the medication.
Concomitant use of the medication and the therapeutic software produces a synergistic clinical effect, enhancing patient outcomes.
Data collected from the patient securely and continuously flows back to the physician, and is displayed via the Pear Portal dashboard.
Physician can use the received feedback to support decisions and “fine-tune” the therapeutic approach, further optimizing health outcomes.
eFormulations - Software-enhanced pharmaceuticals for improved patient outcomes

The Pear Team



Corey McCann MD, PhD

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Corey has background as a physician, scientist, entrepreneur, and healthcare investor.  Previously, he was an investor with MPM Capital and with RiverVest Venture Partners, where he evaluated new investment opportunities, managed relationships with strategic partners, and oversaw board-level strategy and execution at portfolio companies. Prior to MPM, he was with McKinsey & Company, where he advised pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology companies on the acquisition, development, and commercialization of life science technologies. He also led McKinsey’s Central Nervous System (CNS) expertise group, serving clients across pharma and biotech.  He is a founding member of multiple start-ups including Alcyone Lifesciences, a company developing technologies to deliver therapeutics to the brain.  Dr. McCann’s post-graduate training was at Harvard University, Washington University in St Louis, and at the Massachusetts General Hospital, and he graduated summa cum laude from The Pennsylvania State University where he was an Evan Pugh Scholar.



Stephen Kennedy Smith JD

Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, Regulatory & Reimbursement

Stephen is an entrepreneur, business advisor, and has a long career in the development, funding and expansion of companies. He has served as a director or advisor to several companies, including Gridline Communications Holdings, RAPID Pharmaceuticals, Mainland Resources and, Med-Design Corp. Stephen is also an active member of the Kennedy family financial advisory board. He served as Deputy Campaign Manager for Senator Edward Kennedy during his presidential and senatorial campaigns. And also served on the staff of the Senate Judiciary and Foreign Relations Committees. Stephen taught negotiation at Harvard University Law School and is a three-time winner of Harvard’s Danforth Award for Excellence in Teaching and a recipient of the Lyndehurst Foundation prize for social and artistic achievement. Mr. Kennedy-Smith holds an M.A. from Harvard University, a J.D. from Columbia University, and an M.A. Ed. from Harvard’s School for Education.



William Greene MD

Co-Founder and Medical

Bill has a background as a physician, healthcare investor and entrepreneur. He has been a Venture Partner at MPM Capital, were he has served on the Board of Directors at Intercell, Idun Pharmaceuticals, Barrier Therapeutics, Alnara, Cotherix, and most recently, Sai Advantium. He is also the current President and CEO of Iconic Therapeutics, a company developing novel therapeutics for ophthalmologic diseases. Prior to joining MPM, Bill was at Genentech where he served as a Senior Clinical Scientist and Epidemiologist with responsibilities in clinical strategy, trial design and regulatory affairs. He has also served at Yale Medical School, where he trained in Internal Medicine and Radiology, taught medicine, and conducted clinical research. He has been awarded the Henry Christian Award for outstanding research from the American Federation of Clinical Research and is a Member of the American College of Physicians. Dr. Greene holds an M.D. from UCSF, where he was an Assistant Professor of Medicine and a B.A., Phi Beta Kappa, from Wesleyan University.



Matthew Smith, PhD

Director, Operations & Strategy

Matthew is a scientist, strategic consultant, and mental health advocate. His most recent role prior to Pear was as a post-doctoral research fellow at Harvard Medical School, where he studied how changes in the brain lead to mental disorders like dementia. Matthew received his PhD in Pathology from the University of Michigan, and has published several articles detailing his research into the underlying mechanisms of brain-related disease. As a consultant, Matthew has a diverse background analyzing the scientific rationale and economic opportunity of novel technologies in oncology, neurology, and anti-infectives, among others. Dr. Smith is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Chemical Society, the Alzheimer’s Association, and the Parkinson’s Action Network, all advocacy groups committed to improving patient outcomes through research.



Arjun Goyal MD, MBA

Director, Corporate Development

Arjun has a background as a physician, entrepreneur and healthcare investor. He is an Associate at 5AM Ventures where he evaluates new investment opportunities and assists portfolio companies. Prior to joining 5AM Ventures, Arjun was co-founder of Foresight Pharmaceuticals, a company developing hormonal treatments for sexually transmitted infections. He trained in internal medicine through the University of Sydney hospital system and is the author of several patents. Earlier in his career, he served as an analyst in global health policy at the Australian Mission to the United Nations. He holds a B.S. in Medical Science, a Diploma in French and an M.D. from the Universities of Melbourne and Oxford, a M. Phil from the University of Cambridge and a MBA from Harvard Business School, where he was a Kaplan Life Science Fellow and an American Australian Association Fellow.



Beth Rogozinski

Chief Content Officer

Beth is a media technology professional, transmedia producer and marketing strategist.  She was a founding member of the internationally renowned Multimedia Studies Program at SFSU where she taught and published a book on multimedia. She then worked in hardware, software and services at such top firms as Silicon Graphics, Macromedia and the digital agency Circle, (bought by Euro RSCG).  Beth has since founded games and apps companies including Signal 2 Productions, Match Factor and D2S Games.  She helped produce and publish more than 30 causal games and apps, including apps for health care and wellness.  Beth is an advisor to many start-ups including the Mobile Monday Momentum Accelerator, Grimm Bros Games, Major League Wizardry and Digify.  In 2011, Beth founded Transmedia SF, an agency/studio/incubator/salon that boasts a community of over 5000 creatives and hosts regular educational and networking events.



Walter Greenleaf, PhD

Chief Science Officer

Walter has a background in both neuroscience research and clinical product development. As a research scientist, Dr. Greenleaf has focused on age-related changes in the human neuroendocrine system, and the effects of hormones on mood and behavior. His PhD is in Neuro- and Bio-Behavioral Sciences, from Stanford University. His most recent academic appointment was as Director for the Mind Division, Stanford Center on Longevity. As a medical product developer, Walter has designed and developed several clinical product streams: his focus has been on the use of simulation and telemedicine technology to treat difficult problems in behavioral and physical medicine.  Dr. Greenleaf founded and served as CEO for: Greenleaf Medical Systems, a business incubator; InWorld Solutions, specializing in the therapeutic use of virtual worlds for behavioral health care; and Virtually Better, which develops virtual environments for the treatment of phobias, anxiety disorders, and PTSD.



Rabah Shihab

Chief Technical Officer

Rabah is an entrepreneur, technologist, award-winning mobile game developer and hands-on software architect with over 20 years experience. He started coding at age 13 and founded his first software venture at age 15. Rabah has developed, led and launched software products within small startups and in companies as large as Oracle. He founded successful software ventures in Dubai, Vancouver and Silicon Valley. Rabah was a co-founder of Cosmos Software, a pioneering new media development firm in Dubai, Cosmos was chosen by Dubai government as its strategic partner for Dubai Idea Oasis, Dubai’s first technology incubator. Rabah is also the creator of Babylonian Twins, the No.1 hit mobile game with over 2 million downloads. Babylonian Twins was featured several times by Apple, Google and Microsoft. Before joining Pear, Rabah was a founder of IndieYard, a platform that democratizes mobile app discovery for indie developers. He was also an advisor and consultant for a number of Silicon Valley startups.